Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pre Edinburgh Rehearsals

And lo, dear blog reader, it did come to pass that on the eighteenth day of August, the Sainted Mr Joey sayeth onto his unwilling cohorts (particularly Keith Telly Topping who wanted to get home and watch the cricket), 'verily, let us go therefore onto BBC Newcastle - in a room well away from anybody broadcasting anything - and, there, let us caterwaul our way through a full (not dress) rehearsal of the Edinburgh shenanigans. For, is it not written that thou shalt not get a half-way decent four-line review in the Daily Record if thouest art not prepared?'
And, so they did. And it was ... well, I'm not going to say 'good' necessarily, but you know ... At least Alf remembered the 'do you expect me to talk?' 'No, I expect you to dice!' line this time around.
We're not sure you're quite ready for the Oscar yet, Alfie.
Mark looks bored whilst waiting for his bit.
Introducing The Legendary Marxist Brothers.
Oi, Groucho, there's a member of the proletariat in my soup.
Don't say that too loudly, sir, or he may be oppressed by the crushing forces of capitalism.
She is The Great Carmeeeeena, with a look that can simply hypnotize.
Get ready to boo and hiss, ladies and gentlemen, it's Boris the Bad Russian!
Music, maestro please!
'Oh, Mr Daniels. You've gotta help me with my fall.'

Remember, if you're up for The Fringe, Monopolise! is on for one night only - 22 August upstairs at the Pleasance Courtyard.

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