Thursday, 21 July 2011

Newcastle - The First Review

The authors are indebted to Ed Waugh for the following:

Alfie Joey: Monopolise!
Live Theatre, Newcastle

Alfie Joey's daytime job is co-hosting BBC Newcastle's breakfast show. Before he took up that position a few years ago he was Derrick in all seven series of BBC3 cult sitcom Ideal (with Johnny Vegas) and had built up an illustrious record on the national and international stand-up comedy scene; I last saw him sharing the bill at the Customs House with Sarah Millican.
It's obvious from this funny one-man show that Mr Joey has never lost his desire to entertain a live audience. With a nod to Mel Brooks, Monopolise! is a comedy musical about murder, mystery and mayhem.

Over the years, many 'pre-Edinburgh Fringe' shows have left me wondering why people of no discernable ability waste their time, energy and money aiming for that particular Holy Grail. This is different.
The central figure, a guy called Lucky Schwartz, narrates in the manner of Raymond Chandler’s Victor Marlowe. A murder has been committed in Atlanta, USA, and the trail leads to London where a murder takes place in Mayfair during the world Monopoly®™ championships. The tale eventually winds up in Newcastle.

Joey sings a dozen or so songs and plays around twenty characters, impersonating Fred Astaire, Bruce Forsythe (a hotelier!), Groucho Marx and Michael Parkinson en route.

It's silly and good fun. A few first night glitches were seized on by Alfie to wring out more laughter. Despite referencing murder, this is suitable for family viewing and well worth a visit when the show comes to the Customs House on Friday 2 September.'

Thanks Ed.

In other news, Alf and Keith just spent another lengthy writing session doing some trimming for Edinburgh (although, Mark will be happy to know that 'Oh, Mr Daniels' is back in for next time).

Remember, if you're up for The Fringe, Monopolise! is on for one night only - 22 August upstairs at the Pleasance Courtyard.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Pre-Publicity

With his one-man comedy musical, star of BBC3 sitcom Ideal Alfie Joey is aiming to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. Even if his show – which is only on for one night – is about murder…

Sum up your show in three words for us:
'Murderous family fun!'

More details here.

Coming up on Friday of this very week we have the second - and last - pre-Edinburgh performance, at Newcastle's Live Theatre.

Tickets are available, final (desperate) rehearsals will be taking place tomorrow and splendid time is guaranteed for all. Unless you don't like singing, dancing, comedy ... or murder. In which case, we can assure you the lighting, costume design and props are brilliant.

See you all there.