Thursday, 9 June 2011


Leading British comedy website Chortle has details of the Edinburgh show on 22 August. For which tickets are now available via the website. In further news, in late May Alfie, Keith and Mark filmed a couple of short sequences with Sharuna Sagar from BBC's Look North for a two-part piece which will be shown around the time of the Edinburgh performance. The filmed segments including Alfie and Mark rehearsing the song 'Moonlight and Chocolates' at the Live Theatre and Alfie and Keith working on the script in - inevitably - the pub (Byker's The Cluny). Over a plate of chips. Amusingly, on the day that we'd planned to film the latter, there was that massive fire at the former Shepherd's scrapyard which is, literally, a hundred yards from The Cluny. So, that was postponed until the following week. By which time the fire was, just about, out.  

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