Thursday, 5 May 2011

Liverpool: Day Do Doh, Don't Dey Doh?

The debut live performance of Monopolise! took place on Saturday 30 April at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool as Alfie and Mark played to a near-full house. The hour-long show actually overran a bit causing Alf to note on Facebook 'there's a great show inside the one I did!' Local BBC radio celeb Simon Hoban was persuaded to join the fun on-stage and read a news bulletin.
Alfie adds that the characters of Boris and Victor went down particularly well and that a line yer actual Keith Telly Topping wrote - concerning 'the corpse in the copse' - got one of the biggest laughs of the night. Which was nice. It'll all make sense once you see the show, don't worry.

Meanwhile Alfie's been doing some publicity for the show including a preview event held at the Live Theatre in Newcastle this week, the venue which will host the show's next public performance on 15 July. Alf's done a podcast for Radio Teesdale, which you can check out here in which Monopolise! is discussed in some detail. On Thursday afternoon he's performing a few extracts from the show for the WI in Houghton. He's also been interviewed by the Chronicle and we'll have more details on that when it's published. We're also hoping to announce at least one more forthcoming date very soon.

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